About US

Our network is growing up day after day with the goal to become one of the most important community of florists on international level. We had our genesis in Rome, Italy, serving all italian cities and quickly grew to be a worldwide market leader by 2005.

We have relationships with more than 2000 local florists and several partners in over 120 countries worldwide, providing same day service of fresh flowers and gifts deliveries. You can choose from our standard catalogue on our websites or send us an enquiry request that one of our consultants will customize. Our multi-lingual customer service, available 24h, will follow every your request taking care of it.

Efficiency in the processes of order management, reliability and professionalism of our florists joined with an unbeatable customer service are the foundation of our success.

Our main projects below:

- club.wineflowers.com: B2B website, backend system for our network of partners and florists - language supported: english.
- www.wineflowers.com: B2C and B2B website, flowers and gifts delivery service - language supported: english and italian.
- www.efiorista.com: B2C website, flowers delivery service - language supported: italian.
- www.eflowersdelivery.com: B2C website, flowers delivery service - language supported: english.
- www.efloristapp.com: B2C website, it is our APP landing Page - language supported: english.
- www.consegnacestiregalo.it: B2C website, baskets delivery service - language supported: italian.